Kloob – Unpredictable Signs (CD Album – Winter Light)

By Oct 10,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient. 

Background/Info: Daniel Ferreira aka ‘Dani Kloob’ is involved with music for more than twenty years now. He started composing ambient music since a few couple of years and has now released his fourth full length album, which is the second one released by Winter Light. 

Content: The work on this album seems to be inspired by the current world events. It’s not directly noticeable in the titles although the music clearly reflects an obscure and sometimes sinister mood. Kloob invites his audience to join an imaginary universe of cellar music revealing creepy noises, passages with humming chants, electronic tones and even a passage into dark reverie. 

+ + + : The essence of dark-ambient music is to create an obscure sphere with a visual appeal. That’s what this album is all about. Tracks such as “Unique Sights” and “Insondable” clearly excel in the vision of mysterious and frightening images. The music has an apocalyptic character, which is accentuated by multiple little sonic details and crispy noises. I also have to say a word about the cool digipak format of this work. 

– – – : “Unpredictable Signs” is an accomplished and fascinating work, which is just missing a real apotheosis.  

Conclusion: This album can be easily considered as a prototype of dark-ambient music. There’s no real effect of surprise, but it’s a fully enjoyable work I can only recommend. 

Best songs: “Unique Sights”, “Insondable”, “Vulnerability Source”. 

Rate: (8).


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