Droid Sector Decay – In Suffering We Dwell (CD Album – Underground Industrial Records)

By Oct 11,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-metal, cross-over. 

Background/Info: Droid Sector Decay featuring members from Greece and the USA have been active since 2009 and have now unleashed their fifth full length album. They claim to be inspired by metal- and industrial music. 

Content: There where previous albums of the band were mainly inspired by industrial music, but also featuring elements of EBM, this work is a pure crossover between industrial- and metal music. It’s not really surprising they say to be inspired by bands such as Fear Factory, Slayer, Type’O Negative, Paradise Lost and co. The songs are carried by solid guitar riffs and driven by furious rhythms. The deep growls are perfectly matching with this type of music, which has been achieved with electronic arrangements. 

+ + + : Droid Sector Decay aren’t exactly repeating themselves, but merging their industrial basis with metal music. So they in a way have reinvented their sound and that’s always a challenge I personally appreciate. This is a dark and unpolished music format reminding me of  great crossover releases from the 90s. 

– – – : It sometimes sound as both main influences aren’t totally compatible creating a kind of chaos. There’s less diversity in the songs and unfortunately no real climax. 

Conclusion: While I often thought Droid Sector Decay could do better they didn’t exactly fulfill my expectations. There’s nothing wrong with this new sonic path, but it still has to be refined. 

Best songs: “The Abhorrent Serenade Of Metempsychosis”. 

Rate: (6).




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