Ideomotor – In And Out Of Time (CD Album – Ideomotor)

By May 13,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: Ideomotor is a Finnish duo releasing their debut album, “In And Out Of Time”.

Content: “In And Out Of Time” is clearly inspired by good old electro/wave pop music. The opening track brings us back to the 80s and might appeal to A-Ha fans. Most of the songs are moving into a kind of electro-space dimension, which also comes back in some of the vocals’ effects. I also noticed a power-pop driven song (cf. “Do It Again”) and a few more emotional pieces (cf. “Drift, Pt.2”, “Makebeliever”) supported with atmospheric layers. 

+ + + : Ideomotor doesn’t innovate, but the album’s diversity makes it easy to listen. There are a few pretty cool passages and especially the astral dimension injected in a few songs is worthy of examination. I have a preference for “Seven Days” and “Interference”. The ‘harder’ approach revealed on “Do It Again” is quite exciting as well.

– – – : The few emotional cuts aren’t exactly the best exposure from this album. I experienced these songs as monotonous.

Conclusion: If you like electro-pop eclecticism you might keep an eye (or an ear) to Ideomotor. It however sounds like this band can do much better!

Best songs: “Do It Again”, “Seven Days”, “Interference”.

Rate: (6).

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