God Body Disconnect – Sleeper’s Fate (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Oct 19,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, cinematographic.

Background/Info: One year after the debut work “Dredge Portals” Bruce Moallem is back on track, inviting the listeners to embark for a new journey into fantasy and horror.

Content: “Sleeper’s Fate” mixes elements of dark-ambient music together with pure cinematographic passages and field recordings. The album takes some distance with psychedelic elements running through the previous work and replaced it by an explicit soundtrack approach.

Some cuts are even into a kind of obscure reverie, which even sounds relaxing. The work has been once more accomplished by guitar playing on top of the electronic layers.

+ + + : God Body Disconnect doesn’t repeat itself and experiences with more pronounced cinematographic elements. Some of the field recordings only reinforce the visual strength of the work. You feel a bit like moving from horror visions towards more prosper and yet dark themes. I like this kind of reverie alternated with horror aspects. The field recordings and guitar playing are both essential items in this production. “Drowning With God” is a beautiful song with great and relaxing strengths.

– – – : God Body Disconnect remains an unusual dark-ambient experience. The versatile atmospheres moving from darkness to more relaxing passages is somewhat surprising and maybe not the most convincing part of the work.

Conclusion: “Sleeper’s Fate” can be compared to a nightmare. You’re progressively moving from restful and ‘innocent’ passages towards a state of total horror.

Best songs: “Drowning With God”, “Reservoir Dreamer”.

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