Council Of Nine – Trinity (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Oct 20,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Background/Info: “Trinity” is the third solo-album of Maximillian Olivier aka Council Of Nine. It also is a particular and intimate conceptual album, which has been introduced by the artist as: ‘This is my catharsis. The many stages of grief and the acceptance of loss, deeply personal, unforgiving, cold and painful. This is the story of the greatest loss I have suffered, the death of my mother. This marks the end of a chapter and the closure I was desperately seeking’.

Content: Church bells are noticeable elements in the opening part of the album. They instantly create a dark and depressed atmosphere, which is rapidly joined by dark tones and heavier noises plus samplings (or field recordings). The work is sometimes creating a post-apocalyptic sensation or just the feeling walking throughout nihilism. I noticed some piano parts creating a contrast with the heavier passages. Some passages are melodic while the main part awakes a strong visual power.

+ + + : First I always listen to an album without trying to know anything about possible concept or content. So I didn’t know what this album was all about, but I really felt a strong and very intimate feeling, which mainly comes through at the final track (title cut). This is the kind of track and music inciting you to think about yourself, about existence… There’s much more than simply a visual appeal. This track touched me and I in a way can feel the concept the artist transposed into his music. It’s also true for a few more cuts, right in the beginning of the album. But there are also much harder pieces, on which you can feel a strong dramatic content leading into despair.

– – – : Definitely the most personal work of Council Of Nine, but maybe not my favorite one. It however is a remarkable work on, which I didn’t hear any  negative points.

Conclusion: “Trinity” clearly appears to be a sonic cure for the artist. Music maybe can’t heal all wounds and especially the ones hidden in the endless labyrinths of our mind and heart, but it for sure brings some rest!

Best songs: “Trinity”, “Memory”, “527”, “January 3rd”.

Rate: (8).




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