Geistform – United Radiations (DCD Album – Hands)

By Aug 10,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno.

Background/Info: Spanish music architect Rafael M. Espinosa is now active for nearly twenty years and can look back to a real qualitative discography. This double album is his seventh full length to date delivering a total amount of twenty five new cuts.

Content: I like most of Geistform’s releases and the previous one “Transmitter” (2016) was an interesting fusion between industrial and techno. “United Radiations” goes a step further and becomes more techno driven although revealing the industrial background of the artist. His analogue sound treatments have something special, which is that much different from the ‘average’ artist in the genre. This is music to dance to, but which is regularly featuring hostile atmospheres.

+ + + : I didn’t really need a new confirmation that techno- and industrial music can be perfectly complementary. But Geistform is much more than simply a project experimenting with these influences. Espinosa is a genius composer creating unique sound treatments and that’s what comes through in this danceable opus. Dark-techno made with intelligence could be the perfect statement to illustrate his work. It’s a unique sound elevating the techno style to a higher dimension.

– – – : What I liked at his previous work is that Espinosa never neglected his ‘industrial’ roots. And even if this new work remains carried by dark sound treatments and industrial elements, it’s sometimes a bit too explicitly techno minded. This might be a dangerous border…

Conclusion: If you want to transpose your energy on the dancefloor, “United Radiations” might be the perfect stuff to get you into a frenetic dance for more than two hours!

Best songs: “Vertical Horizon”, “Gravity Probe”, “Permafrost”, “Pulse Frequency” + “Quasar”, “Tundra”, “Perturbation”.

Rate: (7½).


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