Dødsmaskin – Verdenssmerte (Album – Tesco Organisation)

By Oct 25,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Ambient-Noise, Experimental.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Norwegian duo Peter Vindel – Kjetil Ottersen set up Dødsmaskin in 2014. They previously released four albums on labels such as Malignant Records and Cyclic Law. For their newest work they joined hands together with Tesco Organisation. “Verdenssmerte” can be translated into ‘world-pain’.

Content: Dødsmaskin has already released major productions, “Fullstendig Brennt” remains a true masterpiece. The new tracks are once again mixing different influences together, but the way they transform ‘noise’ into an accessible sound is once more characteristic for their work. The album however takes off with a rather Ambient, intriguing piece revealing piano play with an icy effect on top. It evolves towards a Noise final. That’s the point where the album is really taking off revealing a heavy, overpowering composition sometimes joined by heavy, shouting vocals. The rhythms are slow, but heavy and droning with some Industrial sound treatments on top.

+ + + : Dødsmaskin once again accomplished a masterpiece, which is a sonic bridge between different, related influences. The Ambient side has something overwhelming and that’s because of the monstrous Industrial sound treatments. “Når Mørket Tar Deg” is the kind of song leading the listener into stupor and angst. This duo composes music as an antidote to ‘feel good’ music. This is music with a strong visual appeal, awakening our inner demons and leading us towards desolation. That’s precisely what people like when listening to this kind of music.

– – – : The opening track sounds cool, but is less characteristic for the work of the band. It however appears the perfect track to start with.

Conclusion: “Verdenssmerte” is an album, which perfectly symbolizes the meaning of this formation’s band name ‘Weltschmerz’…

Best songs: “Når Mørket Tar Deg”, “Borte I Tiden”, “Aksiom”, “Åndenød”.

Rate: (8½).


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