Eisfabrik – Automatisierung In Der Eisfabrik (EP – RepoRecords)

By Oct 24,2020

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Genre/Influences: Future-Pop, Body-Pop, Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: It seems that there’s no rest in the Eisfabrik. Gerrit Thomas and his gang are back on track revealing an EP with six new songs and four remixes released a few months after the last album “Kryothermalmusik Aus Der Eisfabrik”

Content: The new tracks are moving on the carrying, emotional and powerful style of the band. The new songs are switching from pure danceable killers like “Free 2020” and Sorrow Face” to more melancholic passages. The songs are mainly driven by danceable kicks, carrying leads and the typical Gerrit Thomas arrangements, which are reminiscent of Funker Vogt.

We also get a few remixes from songs featured on the last album. ES23 remixed “We Don’t care” while this song has been also reworked into an acoustic ballad featuring guitarist Hemke Kay. There also is a remix of “Grim Reaper” and one of “Friends” (featured at the band’s debut album) by Petone.

+ + + : Eisfabrik is constantly switching dancefloor- and evasive tracks. It’s great to get an EP with multiple new songs and even if these cuts aren’t maybe not the best of the band, “Free 2020” and “Sorrow Face” are however powerful cuts carried by strong leads and the charismatic voice of ‘Dr. Schnee’. Gerrit Thomas remains a truly sound guru transforming every single note into a magic moment. Eisfabrik made a great remix of “Grim Reaper”. But I also have to mention the surprising, original and sensitive acoustic version of “We don’t Care” featuring Hemke Kay. This is much more than simply an EP abusing remixes; this is what we in the past would have called a mini-album!

– – – : Eisfabrik has its own sounds and always the same kind of ‘conceptual’ lyrics, which makes this band easily recognizable although it sometimes becomes a little repetitive and predictable.

Conclusion: After their great last album “Kryothermalmusik Aus Der Eisfabrik”, this EP is a great little extra for the fans. The Future-Pop sound of Eisfabrik rules!

Best songs: “Grim Reaper –  No Crop Without Seeds Mix”, “Free 2020”, “Sorrow Face”, “We Don’t Care – Acoustic Guitar Mix”, “Cold As Ice”.

Rate: (8).

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