Dødsmaskin – Ødelagt (Vinyl Album – Tumor / Malignant Records)

By Nov 12,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-cinematographic, industrial.

Background/Info: Norwegian project Dødsmaskin is back on track, unleashing their fourth full length to date. It also marks their debut on vinyl format, “Ødelagt” featuring five songs.

Content: This project doesn’t repeat itself although they remain faithful to a certain dark fascination. This work is definitely more cinematographic-minded. It clearly sounds different from their outstanding debut work “Fullstendig Brennt”. The album explores dark sonic horizons created by field recordings and a truly noise arsenal of manipulated sounds and dark sound layers. Some tracks are ending in a noise apotheosis and I here have to mention “Isolasjon” as the most significant cut.

+ + + : “Ødelagt” invites the listener to join a nihilistic world. The music creates a feeling of depression, which is constantly reinforced by obscure atmospheres. The album also tends to prove that this project is in constant motion. Even if I have to admit I definitely prefer their debut work, this new opus stands for a dark voyage to obscure and unknown fantasy places. It’s a visual experience touched by the power of evil forces.

– – – : This is a cool listening, but without the original magic I felt when hearing this band for the very first time. This work is more ‘classical’ and sometimes ‘predictable’.

Conclusion: Dødsmaskin has been one of the best new-coming projects in the last few years in the dark-ambient/industrial music area. I don’t consider “Ødelagt” as ‘the’ referential album although it remains a freaky experience in sound.

Best songs: “Isolasjon”, “Det Som “Ødelegger”, “Svart Tundra”.

Rate: (8).


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