Finkseye – The Liquidators (Album – Finkseye)

By Oct 25,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Ambient, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: We all know Henrik Fink Nilsson aka Finkseye for his dark EBM. He released several albums so far, but this self-released opus is something special. The work was written in between 2002 and 2010 and meant to get released under The Liquidators moniker, but it never happened. It’s a conceptual work inspired by the Chernobyl disaster, which finally saw the daylight this year… maybe due to the great “Chernobyl”-TV series.

Content: Henrik Fink Nilsson got inspired by the sound of Kraftwerk and he felt this album as ‘Kraftwerkian’. I think I understand what he means, but the Kraftwerk-sound is not that evident to recognize. The tracks sound more inspired by the work of early Electronic pioneers, resulting in a space-like trip carried by slow rhythms. It has something dreamy although the last track “Radioactive Angst” has something darker and closer to the concept because of the easily recognizable noises of a Geiger counter. 

+ + + : This work has less in common with the ‘familiar’ Finkseye album although there’s this Ambient taste on top. The songs are well-crafted featuring great space-like sound treatments. The slow tempo makes the work more accessible. I also have to say a word about  the deep, vibrating bass lines running through a few tracks. “Beryllium blue” and especially the title song both are great exposure of this work. The last track is definitely darker and reminding us of the terrible drama of Chernobyl.

– – – : If there’s one single reproach I should make about this album, it’s for sure the music that doesn’t really fit with the nuclear accident of Chernobyl. The music sounds too relaxing to evoke this tragedy.

Conclusion: I think Finkseye had a real good idea to finally bring this album to life; it’s a cool testimony of this artist’s talent, which goes further than only EBM.

Best songs: “The Liquidators”, “Beryllium Blue”, “Shallow States”, “Radioactive Angst”.

Rate: (7).



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