Distortion Six – Fierce (CD Album – Ant-zen)

By Dec 20,2017

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, power-noise.

Background/Info: Nichlas Schermann is a Norwegian artist who started his First experimentations early 2000. He released a few productions and now joined Ant-zen, which might be seen as a recognition and consecration for his work.

Content: “Fierce” brings us back to the essence of hard industrial music, commonly known as ‘power-noise’. I’m not that surprised Distortion Six got inspired by Converter. The work is a heavy and merciless exposure of rough industrial sounds and noisy rhythms. Some tracks have been accentuated by electronic sounds. A few tracks progressively move into a trance experience. One of the tracks has been composed together with Vore Complex while the final track is a remix from a Vore Complex track by Distortion Six.

+ + + : If you like the good-old power-noise sound, this Norwegian sonic ogre will satisfy your expectations. There’s an interesting twist between industrial ‘old-style’ music and a more contemporary touch moving into trance. “Gazer” is a great cut illustrating this approach. I also have to mention the more elaborated “Funkfreak”. But the ultimate song is the more into electro-like “Hana Ken” feat. Vore Complex (an English project which also did a great job reworking/remixing songs of Throbberstalk). This track is also featuring vocal parts, which creates a ghost-like effect.

– – – : “Fierce” is a dangerous sonic experience you can’t expose to everyone. It remains a particular genre of music, which will only appeal for the die-hard fans of power-noise.

Conclusion: Distortion Six stands for sonic terrorism; an experience that has to be played at loud volume and, which will get you into trance!

Best songs: “Hana Ken feat. Vore Complex With Blossom”, “Funkfreak, “Gazer”, “Funkfreak – Slaughter Rmx”, “Touch”.

Rate: (7½).

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