Dimitri Berzerk – Remixes Collection Vol.03 (CD Album – Sector Industrial Producciones)

By Oct 10,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, dance-pop, EBM.

Background/Info: Mexican DJ/producer/label owner Dimitri Berzerk is an artist who has remixed an impressive number of artists. He decided to release these remixes as albums in the “Remixes Collection”-series. This is the 3rd volume featuring 12 remixes.

Content: Dimitri Berzerk has remixed some real famous artists, but this new disc features many less familiar bands. Most of the remixes mix electro-pop and danceable vibes. ‘Electro-pop’ because most of the bands being remixed by this producer originally sound like electro-pop and ‘dance’ because as a DJ he perfectly knows how bringing his audience to move. Most of the remixes are extended versions.

The most familiar names from the tracklist are Syrian, Loewenhertz, Head-Less, Electrostaub, Nordika, Hoffen and Schwarzschild. But Projekt Ich, Shadow Lady, Vantanoir, Microclocks and Rebel Empire are not exactly familiar names.

+ + + : Referring to the bands that have been remixed on this new volume I would say it’s not as interesting, but once you’ve heard the album you’ll definitely agree to say it’s a great –and maybe the best, album from the three. Dimitri Berzerk feels comfortable remixing electro-pop, future-pop and even EBM. He has this magic touch to get people dance. But he also made me curious to discover unknown bands. I can only advise artists in search of a good remix to get in touch with this artist.

– – – : My single regret – and it’s for sure very personal, is that some remixed are a bit too long. That’s why they’re called ‘extended’ and even if it’s good dance stuff, it’s sometimes more efficient to get a shorter version –even for dancefloors!

Conclusion: This is an interesting series; pure dance-fun for electro-pop lovers and club visitors!

Best songs: Head-Less “Punish Your Head”, Shadow Lady “Verloren Passion”, Syrian “Ninja Warrior”, Schwarzschild “Wir Sind Nicht Allein”, Hoffen “Cold Tears Of An Angel”.

Rate: (7½).


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