Alphaxone – Edge Of Solitude (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Oct 10,2018

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, dark-ambient.

Background/Info: Iranian composer Mehdi Saleh has released an impressive number of productions since 2010. “Edge Of Solitude” is his fifth full length on Cryo Chamber, which seems to be a comfortable home for his work.

Content: Alphaxone is a dark-kind of soundtrack music. It always sounds like a journey through imaginary spaces. The space-like atmospheres mix prosperity and coldness. It more feels like an enigmatic journey in a fantasy universe. Deep resonating sounds, field recordings, heavy blasts and other buzzing sound waves lead the listener into an unforgettable sonic trip.

+ + + : I consider Alphaxone as one of the most innovating and talented artists from the past few years. This music brings dark-ambient and cinematographic music together, but with a very special and proper sound DNA. Darkness has been replaced by mysterious atmospheres while the global sound production and mixing both have something pretty high tech. It’s an overwhelming sound experience, which mainly comes through at the last part of the work. “Lost Horizon” and “Overland” both are great pieces of music confirming the talent of this project.

– – – : The first part of the album is cool and enjoyable, but missing the climax I experienced at the final part of the work.

Conclusion: “Edge Of Solitude” is not my favorite Alphaxone work, but it still stands for poignant ambient music with an emotional content.

Best songs: “Lost Horizon”, “Overland”, “Road To Nowhere”.

Rate: (7½).






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