Basnia – No Falling Stars And No Wishes (CD Album – Alchera Visions)

By Jul 12,2019

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Genre/Influences: Wave-pop, shoegaze, rock-wave.

Background/Info: Basnia is a Polish project set up in 2017 by songwriter Baśnia Lipińska (vocals, percussion). She has been joined by Adam Kaliszewski (guitar), Łukasz Zaorski-Sikora (bass) and Filip Onufry Jaremko (drums). This is the band’s debut album featuring ten songs.

Content: The band’s main influences are clearly 80s inspired. The songs are mixing different influences such as rock, new-wave and shoegaze. You can feel a dreamy sensation listening to this album although a few cuts reveal some harder guitar riffs. The last song (cf. “Night Of The Lost”) features trumpet play by a guest musician.

+ + + : Basnia is first of all characterized by the sensitive and fragile timbre of voice of leading lady Baśnia Lipińska. The music seems to have been composed around her vocals, which might explain the dreamy sensation. This is perfect music to relax while the album features a few cool cuts. I also have to say a word about the cool, artistic digipak format of this work.

– – – : There’s not a lot of diversity in the songwriting. When you’ve heard one song you get the impression to have heard the entire work.

Conclusion: This dreamy sound experience makes me think to a kind of contemporary Cocteau Twins, but Basnia still has to find the ‘magic’ that made Cocteau Twin that famous.

Best songs: “This Love Is Dangerous”, “Hard Crush”, “Maybe I’ve Gone Mad”, “Night Of The Lost”.

Rate: (6).


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