Alice Tambourine Lover – Down Below (CD Album – Go Down Records)

By Jul 12,2019

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Genre/Influences: Psychdelic-wave,

Background/Info: TheItalian duo Alice Tambourine Lover saw the light of day in 2011 as a side project of two members from Alix. Eight years later they’ve released their fourth full length album, which also is the first one in four years.

Content: “Down Below” is an invitation to dream away. Somewhere in between ballads and psychedelic-wave, the songs also have something folk-like. I sometimes get the impression to hear the dark side of Norah Jones. The songs have been written by guitar and multiple other instruments like harmonica, percussions, foot tambourine ao.

+ + + : The female vocals inject a graceful touch upon the work. Vocals and instruments –and more especially the guitar, create a delicious harmony. It’s the perfect album to relax; listening to it in the evening by the campfire.

– – – : The songs are all pretty similar, but I’m especially missing a truly climax.

Conclusion: “Down Below” is an invitation to lose control and simply move on with the flow of the music.

Best songs: “Down Below”, “Follow”, “Into The Maze”.

Rate: (7).


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