Alphaxone & Dronny Darko – Forsaken (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Oct 21,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, cinematographic.

Background/Info: Iranian artist Mehdi Saleh (aka Alphaxone) joined hands together with Ukrainian composer Oleg Puzan (aka Dronny Darko) to unleash this album featuring 8 tracks. Alphaxone also released an album together with ProtoU… the partner in crime of Dronny Darko.

Content: I consider Alphaxone as one of the ‘new’ dark-ambient masters so I’m always fascinated to discover what this artist has accomplished. But Dronny Darko also is one of the growing talents in the dark-ambient and drones genre so “Forsaken” could only, but become a noticeable work. Both artists are moving exploring the darkest corners of dark-ambient music resulting in humming, vibrating cellar tones reinforced with field recordings creating a visual appeal. Lost voices are haunting these corridors of despair, which only accentuate the vision of despair and angst.

+ + + : The visual aspect of the album definitely works well on a few cuts. The power of the music directly incites the listener to figure the most anguishing visions and that’s for sure one of the main strengths of dark-ambient music. Some field recordings have a real important impact in this global sensation and I regret –even if it’s a bit cliché, there are no more passages with these voices.

– – – : I was pretty confident about this work and even if it clearly reveals great passages I prefer to hear both artists separately. Working together became a kind of ‘trademark’ between Cryo Chamber artists, but it sometimes affects the original spirit of each artist. I heard great releases between label mates, but I’m maybe missing some chemistry between Alphaxone and Dronny Darko.

Conclusion: If you like the work of both artists, this album will for sure awake your curiosity, but maybe not your fascination… I expected a bit more out of this work.

Best songs: “Immersion”, “Outlying”.

Rate: (6).

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