Friends Of Alice Ivy – The Last Days Of Fenwyck (CD Mini Album – Meadowlands)

By Oct 22,2017

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Genre/Influences: Ethereal-pop, cinematographic, neo-classic & pop.

Background/Info: The Australian duo Friends of Alice Ivy strikes back after a hiatus of three years, when they released their debut full length “The Golden Cage And Its Mirrored Maze”. This new work more appears to be a mini-album featuring 6 songs. Core members Kylie and Amps were joined by some guest musicians to accomplish this new opus.

Content: If you’re already familiar with the sound of the band you will rediscover the graceful vocals of Kylie next to a sound mixing electronics and acoustic instruments. It all together creates a kind of ethereal sensation joined by wave-pop and neo-classic music. This is music to dream away.

+ + + : I’m once again totally seduced by the artistic approach and creation of this band. They’re exploring many styles, creating a unique sound, which feels comfortable and restful. It’s not that evident mixing electronics and experimental sound treatments together with authentic instruments (cello and percussion) and beautiful, ethereal vocals. But that’s precisely what this band stands for excelling in delicacy while revealing a sensitive and fragile composition. This kind of music would be the perfect soundtrack and I sincerely hope it will ever happen. “The Last Days Of Fenwyck” sounds like a sampling of a seagull running through “Wycca” and which simply feels like symbolizing ‘liberty’.

– – – : The sound is maybe not the most accessible one, for being simply miles away from established genres and fashion trends. I don’t have any single minus point to mention about this work rather than a frustration; this is the kind of band bringing an original sound and therefore deserving more recognition!

Conclusion: Friends Of Alice Ivy sounds like a real blessing for all music lovers in search of originality and the ‘real’ artistic creation!

Best songs: “Albion”, “Fenwyck”, “Wycca”, “Rooks”.

Rate: (8½).

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