A.I. Zero featuring Armageddon Dildos – No Pain Forever (EP – Scentair Records)

By Jan 29,2020

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Genre/Influences:EBM, body-pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: German duoMaikko Advance (Mind.Area, Human Decay ao) and ‘Flesh Wire’ have been active since 2014, which was the year they also released their debut album “Reality Design”. They released this EP as a teaser to their new full length “There Will Be Solutions” asking Uwe Kanka (Armageddon Dildos) to sing on the title song while he also did some additional production.

Content: “No Pain Forever” is an EBM-inspired song, which is mainly carried by a solid bass line. The vocals are featuring harsher passages and clear ones. The song has been remixed by Sceptica and TC75. About the other songs left you’ll get an exclusive cut (cf. “Obsolete Cyborgs”), which sounds soft and 2 more remixes from a song (cf. “Soon You’re Mine”) that will be featured on the new album as well. Remixes have been done by The Negativity Bias and Photic Sonar.

+ + + : There’s no better way for a rather ‘unknown’ formation than asking a famous guest to get featured on one of your songs and in this case, the title song! There also is some potential in this track and especially the EBM-driven bass line sounds cool. It also becomes pretty rare to see Armageddon Dildos collaborating or doing remixes.I also have to say a word about the rough and yet melodic remix of “Soon You’re Mine” by The Negativity Bias.

– – – : The title song reveals some good ideas, but globally speaking this song is under produced. The chorus is missing a true climax and even the remixes don’t bring any real improvement. The B-side (exclusive) song is poorly inspired and the remixes of “Soon You’re Mine” don’t bring any real bonus.

Conclusion: to feature a renowned artist is for sure a good strategy, but when the result is disappointing, it feels like a total failure!

 Best songs: “Soon you’re Mine – The Negativity Bias Remix”, “No Pain Forever feat. Armageddon Dildos”

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