400PPM – Fit For Purpose (Digital Album – Avian)

By Sep 29,2017

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Genre/Influences: Techno, minimal-electro, experimental.

Background/Info: American producer Shawn O’Sullivan has already been active under different monikers, but now strikes back as 400PPM to unleash his debut full length. The album is also available in a vinyl format.

Content: “Fit For Purpose” moves from progressive and somewhat experimental techno fields towards electronic minimalism revealing vintage sounds. You’ll also notice industrial sounds and somewhat darker atmospheres. Quite progressively the last cuts move into more familiar and explicit techno fields mixed with dark and even tormented atmospheres.  

+ + + : I like the progression running through this album. The first tracks are revealing multiple influences, but it clearly takes some time to reach the more technoid apotheosis at the final part. But 400PPM is not a ‘classical’ techno artist. He clearly mixes other and darker influences injecting a touch of minimalism to his work. I like the haunting atmospheres recovering some of the tracks. “Larsen C” is a real good example of this project for mixing techno and obscure atmospheres. I also have to mention “8.069” for its transcendental feeling. And if you’re more into vintage electro sounds you’ll for sure notice the remarkable “Fit For Purpose”.

– – – : “Fit For Purpose” is an interesting challenge because of its ‘avant-garde” orientated techno music. It for sure can catch the attention of a wider and more diverse audience, but it can be also considered as too progressive for the standard techno lovers.

Conclusion: “Fit For Purpose” is an album I would recommend for its diversity and its tracklist which goes crescendo, but first of all for its visionary format.

Best songs: “8.069”, “Fit For Purpose”, “New Expiration”, “Larsen C”.

Rate: (8).


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