Wet Nurse – Thanatosis (CD Album – Tumor)

By Nov 7,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, death-industrial, power-electronics, cinematographic.

Background/Info: Canadian artist Paul Kinasevych set up Wet Nurse in 2012. While both debut albums got released by his own label (cf. Male Activity) he joined Malignant Records/Tumor to release his next full lengths. “Thanatosis” is the fourth album by Wet Nurse.

Content: The early work of Wet Nurse was driven by power-electronics, but quite progressively the compositions became ‘softer’ and more cinematographic like. Nevertheless “Thanatosis” is not what I would call a pure cinematic production rather than a mix of heavy, blasting sounds, an impressive arsenal of noise manipulations, a few drones and shouting vocals. It creates an offspring between death-industrial, power-electronics and cinematographic music.

+ + + : This album resulted from the intelligence of a truly noise-architect. An impressive noise-canvas has been utilized to create this sonic mayhem. It all feels like controlled power! The dark atmospheric side of the album has a kind of disturbing effect and that’s precisely what I expect from cinematographic productions. “Stitched Nerve Drapery” is a great exposure from this dark side and has certain visual strength. I also want to mention “The End Of A Rope” for the terrific industrial sound treatments and multiple sound effects.

– – – : This is the kind of production, which is not that accessible for a wider audience. It’s an extreme record and you have to be familiar with the label roster to enjoy Wet Nurse.

Conclusion: “Thanatosis” sounds like an appropriate title for this sonic mayhem. It has something sick and perverted, which will totally satisfy the lovers of extreme sonic experiments.

Best songs: “Stitched Nerve Drapery”, “The End Of A Rope”, “Sexual Vertigo”.

Rate: (7).


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