G.U – Volume 2 (Album – Art For Ears)

By Aug 13,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, experimental, dark-ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Galactic Unground (G.U) is a Belgian project driven by the creative spirit of Johan Geens aka ‘Venja’ assisted by some guests. He two years ago now released the excellent debut work “Galactic Underground” on Wool-E Discs while this second opus has been released on the artist’s own label.

Content: “Volume 2” moves on where the debut album stopped or you can also see –as the title indicates, as the continuation of the astral voyage of the artist. <G.U> indeed moves back to the pure ambient and cosmic exploration of electronic music, reminding the early years of well-known pioneers. The music has something totally vintage-like. Some songs are featuring spoken vocals in different languages like Japanese, Russian and of course English. There also is a pretty surprising dark-ambient cut hiding inside the tracklist (cf. “Crossing Icy Moons” featuring Michael Stearns.

+ + + : The work has something mysterious and yet pretty relaxing. It’s an invitation to close your eyes and dream away. Cosmos has always fascinated humankind, but still electronic musicians creating the illusion of an astral voyage. I experienced this work as more sophisticated than its predecessor and still definitely soundtrack-like. Last, but not least the aforementioned dark-ambient cut is a great and overwhelming piece of music and who knows, maybe a new sonic path for this artist.

– – – : This type of music is pretty accessible and yet not the kind of production catching the attention of a wider audience. It also sounds a bit more experimental than its predecessor –or at least more cinematographic.

Conclusion: <G.U< is not the most famous project and that’s a pity as it stands for a mature, intelligent and entertaining experience in ambient music.

Best songs: “Annihilation”, “The Stars Are Better Off Without Us”, “Crossing Icy Moons”, “Daikanyama Part 1”.

Rate: (7½).

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