Viscedra Drip – Satanic Panik (CD Album – Advoxya Records)

By Jul 28,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Background/Info: Justin A. Thiele better known as the creative spirit behind the American project Viscera Drip released this new full length a while ago now. The third official  studio album “Satanic Panic” has been inspired by ‘particular events in America in the 70’s, but even more so, a parallel of our current lives in a constant state of panic and worry, obsession and fear’. Notice by the way a limited edition of this album has been released as well, which is featuring an extra disc with remixes.

Content: Viscera Drip moves on with pure, dark-electro music, which is driven by solid, pumping kicks, aggressive sequences and simple, but efficient melody lines. On top of it all you’ll hear harsh and ‘satanic’ vocals. The main particularity of the work is the contribution of multiple guests such as Benjamin’s Plague, 13TH Angel, Sin DNA, Avarice In Audio plus remixes by Circuito Cerrado vs. C-Lekktor, Tar-Tar, Alien Nation and Jermageddon.

+ + + : The previous album “Perpetual Adversity” already was a great piece of music and this latest work simply confirms the great potential of Viscera Drip. There’s no real surprise and no innovation, but simply a well-crafted album featuring multiple efficient pieces. “The Human Race Is Wrong”, and “Rotten” feat. 13TH Angel both are heavy, punching tracks. I however have a preference for the kind of experimental, instrumental “Tulpa”, which sounds as the offspring between Feindflug (for the percussion sections) and Suicide Commando (for the melody line). The different ‘featurings’ are interesting and pretty successful. There also is a great remix by Circuito Cerrado vs. C-Lekktor.

– – – : It might be surprising, but my favorite cut “Tulpa” sounds like an experimental cut and/or breaks on the album. I regret this cut was not a bit more elaborated (it’s pretty short) because it sounds damn great! If you’re in search of ‘progressive’ dark-electronic music this album will not give you what you want. 

Conclusion: The title of the work stands for its content! Viscera Drip is a tormented, but very efficient dark-electro monster!

Best songs: “Tulpa”, “The Human Race Is Wrong”, “Rotten” feat. 13TH Angel, “Bleak”, “Martyers”, “Aphotoc” feat. Avarice In Audio, “Bleak – Circuito Cerrado vs. C-Lekktor Remix”.

Rate: (8½).


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