Outpost11 – Resonate (CD Album – Advoxya Records)

By Jul 28,2019

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Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electro.

Background/Info: “Resonate” is the debut album of the Russian solo-project Outpost11. The work was released in the end of 2018 on Advoxya Records.

Content: Outpost11 claims to be inspired by the earlier work of bands like NIN, Skinny Puppy, FLA ao. I think there’s an explicit sound link with the 90s electronic music reminding me of bands such as X Marks The Pedwalk and early Skinny Puppy. The songs are mixing EBM and dark-electro together while a few guitar riffs are empowering some of the songs. KMFDM might be another source of inspiration here. The work ends with remixes by Cutoff_Sky and CL-20.

+ + + : For all of those who are familiar with the dark-electro roster of Advoxya Records, this album brings something refreshing to the label. This album is not only dark-electro minded, but also has a cool retro-like EBM touch. The guitar riffs inject some extra energy and power. I also noticed cool bass lines. This is an album with several great songs.

– – – : Outpost11 brings nothing new except a great 90s replica. The originality is far to find, but the efficiency is there. Both remixes don’t really add an extra to the album.

Conclusion: “Resonate” is an accomplished debut work revealing an interesting newcomer. Let’s keep this name in mind!

Best songs: “Bloodstained Hands”, “…But He Loves You!”, “Decline”, “Divide And Conquer”, “Throbbing”, “Break The Wall”.

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