V/A Broken Memory – A Tribute To Martin Dupont (CD Album – BOREDOMproduct)

By Oct 14,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, electro-wave, EBM.

Background/Info: French label BOREDOMproduct last year released a surprising compilation/tribute to French pop icon Etienne Daho. They now strike back with a new tribute to one of France’s greatest and most legendary new-wave & electro band Martin Dupont. The band was active during the 80s and just as BOREDomproduct they were from Marseille. Notice by the way the album is available on different formats, from CD to vinyl to cassette and of course on digital platforms. It’s a fascinating tribute because next to some familiar label bands we also get other selected bands.

Bands: Celluloide, Happiness Project, Dekad, Neutral Lies, The Rorschach Garden, Cyborgdrive, Sweater With A Hood, TourdeForce, Auto-Immune, Müller Denscheidt, Makina Girgir.

Content: You don’t necessarily have to be that familiar with the work of Martin Dupont to enjoy this compilation. It’s a diversified work mixing different elements and I really appreciate the efforts of the selected bands to transpose the original versions into a very own adaptation. The least I can say is that Martin Dupont has inspired most of the selected formations.

+ + + : I already mentioned the diversity, but I also have to mention some great adaptations into EBM by Dekad, the typical bleeping electronics from Celluloide, another EBM approach by Auto-Immune (which was already featured on the Etienne Daho tribute), the electro-wave from Müller Denscheidt and Makina Girgir. There’s a fascinating twist between the different formations and their own interpretation of Martin Dupont.

– – – : Only the biggest fans of the band will maybe be disappointed. The original versions have this 80s magic you don’t necessarily find back on a tribute. But my only little regret is that a few bands didn’t really pay that much attention to the production of the vocals.

Conclusion: This tribute to Martin Dupont incited me to get back to the original songs I haven’t heard for years now. That’s also because I really enjoyed this tribute and I can only encourage BOREDOMproduct to move on… Kas Product could be an idea….

Best bands: Dekad, Müller Denscheidt, Makina Girgir, Celluloide, Neutral Lies.

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