V/A Underground Wave Volume 6 (Vinyl Album – Walhalla Records)

By Jul 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: New-wave, cold-wave, electro-wave, minimal-electronics, experimental.

Background/Info: Belgium label Walhalla Records is back on track unleashing the sixth volume of the “Underground Wave”-series, which is mainly devoted to ‘forgotten’ and ‘unknown’ bands –mainly, from the 80s. This new edition features twelve bands, mainly Belgian projects, but still a few ones from abroad.

Artists: SS20, Commercial Term, Spleen, Sex Bizarre, White House White, War Tempo, Vitor Hublot, Onderbronders, Tangible Joy, Metal Thought, Hades, Blitzega.

Content: If you’re familiar with previous issues of the “Underground Wave”-series you for sure know what to expect. This is a new sonic discovery featuring bands that were mainly active in Belgium and during the 80s. The common element between most of the featured artists is the minimal-electronic composition, which you’ll easily recognize through the rhythm boxes, pure analogue electronic sound treatments and this unique sterile coldness from the 80s. Some cuts are instrumental versions.

+ + + : Label Owner Lieven De Ridder is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to bringing 80s sonic ‘treasures’ back to life. I don’t know where from he knows all those artists, but it’s always fascinating to discover. I had a crush on Sex Bizarre while other noticeable artists are Commercial Term, White House White (probably one of the most familiar names from this sampler), War Tempo (one of their members was the drummer in Nitzer Ebb) and Vitor Hublot. The compilation again features a cool info sheet where you’ll get some info about each of the bands.

– – – : I can’t say that all of the artists have fully convinced me, but that’s also why most of them remained totally unknown. However this is all about the love and passion for the 80s and a way to discover what you never heard of before!

Conclusion: This sixth volume isn’t my favorite one in the series although I still like it because it’s an essential- and in a way ‘historical’ product!

Best bands: Sex Bizarre, Commercial Term, Spleen, White House White, Vitor Hublot, War Tempo, Tangible Joy.

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