V/A Statistics Mean Nothing When You’re On The Wrong Label (CD Album – Wool-E-Discs)

By Aug 2,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, electro-ambient, cinematographic, experimental, minimal-electronics, gothic, EBM.

Background/Info: This album is a perfect opportunity to get more familiar with the Belgian label Wool-E-Discs featuring this label sampler with a real interesting title to analyze… The Belgian label is a rather eclectic company interested in talented (mainly) Belgian formations. The album features 18 bands. The main songs are taken from previously released material while a few ones will be released on upcoming productions.

Artists: Simi Nah, Factice Factory, Story Off, True Zebra, LiquidTrauma, The Breath Of Life, Lizard Smile, Der Klinke, Galactic Underground ft. Erik Wollo, Starseeds, BySenSeS, Club Mayz ao.

Content: This is the perfect compilation to discover the already impressive roster of Wool-E-Discs. This label which set up an interesting series about Belgian ambient music (cf. Belgian NeuMusik) reveals several artists from that series, but still totally different artists dealing with alluring electro-pop, dark-like and minimal electronics, gothic and experimental music.

+ + + : This sampler is a must have to realize the growing impact of Wool-E-Discs, but still the great music taste of the label owner Dimitri Idunno. He made me discover fascinating ambient projects such as BySEnSeS and Galactic Underground while other more familiar names such as Simi Nah and The Breath Of Life are great names from the electro-pop and gothic scene. But this is also an opportunity getting back to darker electro formats such as LiquidTrauma. I also have to mention Der Klinke, True Zebra and the French-Swiss band Factice Factory, which all are more gothic minded. I’m also looking forward to the album of electro-pop formation Starseeds.

– – – : The only regret about this album is the absence of Daniel B. (Prothèse) and Nothing But Noise (another Daniel B. project together with early Front 242 member Dirk Bergen).

Conclusion: In times where so many labels have disappeared a few ones such as Wool-E-Discs still have the motivation and ambition to move on. And the least I can say is that this a label, which definitely deserves more (international) recognition.

Best bands: Simi Nah, Factice Factory, LiquidTrauma, The Breath Of Life, Galactic Underground ft. Erik Wollo, Starseeds, BySenSeS, Der Klinke, True Zebra, Story Off.

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