Microwelt – A1 (CD EP – Electro Shock Records)

By Aug 2,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: Microwelt is a German duo consisting of Machinist A & B. Behind these robotic nicknames are hiding Thoralf Dietrich (Jäger 90) and Martin Saß. They’re already busy since a couple of years, but this EP released on Electro Shock Records is an opportunity to discover the electro-robot universe of Microwelt.

Content: Microwelt is what I commonly call a Kraftwerk-pop band while the global concept (and names of the members) seems to be inspired by Metroland. The theme of the concept is different, but in the end it’s pretty similar.

This is electro-pop driven by low bass lines, Kraftwerk atmospheres, minimal sounding sequences and robotic vocals sung/spoken in German.

+ + + : The concept is a kind of emulation, but it’s fun and that’s what I like in music. There’s an endless list of dark-electro and EBM clones so why can’t there be Kraftwerk-clones?! This is a kind of music that gains importance during the past few years. It’s totally retro-like and yet injecting a refreshing touch to a stagnating and sometimes boring electro-pop scene.

– – – : The link with Kraftwerk and especially Metroland is maybe a little too explicit although the sound is somewhat different… and yet comparable. There are 5 songs featured, but no real potential hit.

Conclusion: Microwelt is a new name to keep an eye on if you’re into Kraftwerk-pop. Let’s keep an eye on this band.

Best songs: “München – Leipzig – Berlin”, “Fahrmaschinen”.

Rate: (7).


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