Uncreated – Not Your Soldier (CD EP – Conzoom Records)

By May 31,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: This is the next EP/single released by Patrik Hansson (Vanguard) and another song that will get featured on Uncreated’s debut album “Eternal”.

Content: The title song is totally devoted to electro-pop music. It sounds catchy and just like on the “Evolve”-EP driven by dance beats. “Not Your Soldier” has been remixed by Machinista, Rotersand, DNTR and Random Starlight. The B-side track “At The Front” will not be featured on the full length and is another danceable and melodic song.

+ + + : “Not Your Soldier” features the requested elements to speak about a successful electro-pop song; it’s catchy, melodic, dance and featuring a talented vocalist. I like the remix made by Machinista while the one by Rotersand will for sure catch wider attention. The B-side track sounds definitely more than simple filler.

– – – : Compared to the “Evolve”-EP this one is less ‘sexy’ and convincing although it remains an honest EP. I also expected a bit more from the remixes.

Conclusion: “Not Your Soldier” is a cool song, but it’s not that evident to release a new potential ‘master hit’ after the phenomenal “Evolve”!

Best songs: “Not Your Soldier – Machinista Remix”, “Not Your Soldier”, “Not Your Soldier – Rotersand Remake”. 

Rate: (7).


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