Traversable Wormhole – Regions Of Time (Album – Sonic Groove)

By Feb 15,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-techno, industrial-techno.

Format: Digital, Vinyl (2xLP).

Background/Info: Adam Mitchell, who we all know in the industrial scene as Adam-X, gets back to his ‘old’ techno project Traversable Wormhole. We might speak about a ‘comeback’ as this project hadn’t released that new in years while “Regions Of Time” is the first official album properly speaking.

Content: The main basis of the composition is definitely techno-like, but you rapidly will realize this artist avoids cheap and classic techno clichés. The tracks have been overloaded with elements of EBM and icy, industrial sound treatments. Even some of the drum patters aren’t into the classical, repetitive format. This is techno music from another dimension, which is for sure linked at the so-called sci-fi approach of this genre by Adam Mitchell.

+ + + : What I especially like in this production is the way techno music has been elevated to a higher dimension. The addition of icy- and industrial like sound treatments creates a dark and even somewhat hostile atmosphere. Some passages are getting close to a trance climax (cf. “Wormhole Highways”). This album reveals the true techno sound from the underground; somewhat rough, definitely dark and accomplished with brilliant little bleeps and noises.

– – – : This kind of techno music remains a challenge; some narrow-minded people will not like it because of the ‘techno’ label while it probably sounds too ‘alternative’ for classic techno-heads. So this is techno music for avant-garde freaks! Both debut songs feel a bit hesitant, but what’s coming up is absolutely worth to listen.

Conclusion: “Regions Of Time” sounds a bit as techno from another galaxy and that’s why it also has something visionary!

Best songs: “Casimir Energy”, “Vacuum Field Stress”, “Wormhole Highways”, “Rotation Frequency”.

Rate: (8½).


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