The Sexorcist – This Is Erotic Body Music (CD EP – Out Of Line)

By Apr 30,2016

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

The SexorcistBackground/Info: We last year discovered the debut album “Klangkörper” of the new Berliner formation The Sexorcist. Driven by the spirit and creative mind of Chris L. (Agonoize, Dance Or Die) and Gunnar Kreuz, the duo is back on track unleashing an EP featuring 5 new songs.

Content: It’s called ‘erotic body music’ but it sounds pure EBM-like. The typical German sound of The Sexorcist makes me think of a fusion between Tyske Ludder and And One. This band doesn’t really innovate, but with Chris L. behind the machines you get a powerful and professional production. The work has been accomplished by dark bleeps, deep, carrying bass lines and passionate German vocals.

The song “Minimalkomplex” reveals an interesting and somewhat different exploration of minimal electro fields. This song might open new horizons for the further work of The Sexorcist. It’s an alluring fusion between EBM and pop elements.

+ + + : I especially enjoyed the minimalistic- and refined sound of “Minimalkomplex”, which is a very cool song. It’s quite unusual to get an EP with 5 different songs and without any single remix. That’s a spirit I can only, but support.

– – – : I can’t say to have heard an absolute club hit at this EP and that’s probably the single aspect this production is missing.

Conclusion: If you’re a die-hard fan of Chris L or you simply like German EBM, The Sexorcist will make you wild!

Best songs: “Minimalkomplex”, “Re(-e)volution”

Rate: (7½).  /



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