Isothesis – Stern Und Opium (CD Album – Steelkraft Manufactory)

By Apr 30,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, drone-soundscapes.

IsothesisBackground/Info: Behind Isothesis is hiding Guillaume T. who’s an artist dealing with multiple artistic skills. He’s been  involved in multiple projects as a sound designer, but also as a composer from time to time under the Isothesis moniker.

Content: “Stern Und Opium” features 1 short- and 1 long cut. Both compositions are exploring the darkest corners of ambient music. You get the impression walking into an endless and suffocating sonic tunnel where you rapidly will be surrounded by buzzing sound waves and low, resonating noises.

The work has been accomplished by field recordings injecting a visual aspect to the work. This is a real true soundscape experience animated by a constant and sometimes monotonous dark sphere, which might lead you into an anxious and somewhat paranoiac trip.

+ + + : The dark, oppressive character of the work is totally efficient while some of the field recording bring a visual element alive.

– – – : I know it’s a soundscape experience, which generally speaking doesn’t really bring that much diversity, but some monotonous passages are maybe a bit too long and especially on the “Opium” cut with a duration of 33 minutes.

Conclusion: If some ambient compositions feel like visiting heaven, Isothesis invites you to join in for hell.

Best songs: “Opium”.

Rate: (7). / / /



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