The Last Hour – Deadline (CD Album – White Room Netlabel/Seventh Crow Records)

By Jul 9,2015

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Genre/Influences: Cold-wave, cinematographic, dark-pop.

The Last HourContent: Roberto Del Vecchio got some recognition as former member of Gothica and later on as Les Jumeaux Discordants. But this Italian artist is also active under the moniker of The Last Hour and has already released several productions.

This new opus featuring 10 songs is not that easy to define. There are for sure some cold-wave influences running through the music, but Del Vecchio also injects elements of pop, neo-classic and even pure soundtrack music. “Deadline” this way becomes a rather diversified and open-minded album. The songs have been accomplished with great electronic treatments, which are a truly essential element of the work. The opening cut “Heartbeat” illustrates the darker side of the band while somewhat evasive, but intelligent electronic arrangements complete the song.

One of the main characteristics of this album is the vocals. Roberto Del Vecchio sings a somewhat half spoken style. He has a rather grave timbre of voice, which injects a cavernous touch to the work. I here can tip “Everything Fades Away” and the cool “Winning” as references in the genre.

“Deep Blue Space” reveals a different side of the album, for its desperate and cinematographic approach. This song sounds a bit like it is reflecting feelings of isolation. Another attention grabber is “Utopia”, which features guitar parts and a somewhat neo-classic touch. But my absolute favorite song is the title track, which is more into cold-wave music, but still revealing a bombastic pop touch. Del Vecchio took care for most of the elements of this work although he got some help from a few guest musicians.

Conclusion: The Last Hour is mixing different influences together resulting in a dark and eclectic production.

Best songs: “Deadline”, “Winning”, “Heartbeat”.

Rate: (Elise Din:7)Elise Din.


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