Lisfrank – Elevator (Vinyl Album – Final Muzik)

By Jul 8,2015

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Genre/Influences: New-wave, electro-minimal.

LisfrankContent: Lisfrank is an Italian project that was set up more than 30 years ago! Fulvio Guidarelli set up Lisfrank in January 1980 and later on started with his own label Mask Productions. Like numerous 80s formations the band stopped its activities, but it all seems like the fans never forgot Lisfrank pushing Guidarelli to reactivate his project in 2008.

“Elevator” reflects the true spirit of the 80s and that’s quite understandable. Good-old instruments were used to compose new songs and the vinyl format makes it all vintage and authentic-like. I was a bit afraid to discover the work of this band, which I honestly never heard of before, but the opening songs only awoke my curiosity. It all sounds like this artist never stopped composing 80s music. You immediately recognize typical 80s sounds and arrangements while the rather sterile way of singing is fitting to the sound. It’s cold and into the purest tradition of new-wave music.

“War” is a great opener featuring a cool chorus. “Anna O” sounds a bit harder and into early EBM. This is for sure one of the absolute attention grabbers and a song that really will bring you back to the true spirit of the 80s. This is pure nostalgia, but still a great and well-crafted composition. “Joy’s Room” is another tip for its melodic and somewhat evasive treatments.

The B-side features 5 more songs opening with the title-song, which is a new melodic experience driven by typical 80s sequences. The other songs left are a bit similar to each other. The atmospheres remain pretty dark, but always achieved with a melodic approach. “Light And Shade” is the ultimate track and still the last attention grabber of this ‘resurrection’.

Conclusion: “Elevator” is much more than simply a comeback, this is a real well-crafted new opus evoking the spirit of the golden 80s!

Best songs: “War”, “Anna O”, “Elevator”, “Joy’s Room”.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.


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