The Fool’s Stone – Eleven (Album – Space Factory Records)

By Apr 18,2020

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Genre/Influences:  Minimal-electro, techno, techno-body.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Adriano Canzian, Massimo Bastasi and Mauro Copeta (both involved in Hard Ton) took the techno universe by surprise, setting up a new project and releasing their EP’s (cf. “Futura” and “Operating The Fool’s Stone”) in 2018. This debut album was released by the end of 2019 and features –as the title indicates, eleven tracks.

Content: This work sounds a bit like covering multiple sonic ideas. The mix of EBM and techno music comes back at several songs, but other cuts are leading the listeners throughout groovy passages and even very commercial-driven tunes. Some songs like the familiar “Futura” might even remind you of Tiga or Faderhead for the kind of pop approach on top of the production. Solid bass lines, icy tunes, robotic spoken parts are some of the most essential aspects to get an idea about the sound of this project.

+ + + : I remain a huge fan of solid bass lines, which are deeply vibrating in your throat. I can’t say it’s this project’s trademark, but they’re damn good in composing solid bass lines. I like the global sound production, which has this magic of analogue gear. The previously EP-title songs both remain absolute attention grabbers, but I also have to mention “Millenium” for its cold, robotic format and “Antrofobia” for the icy, groovy style.

– – – : I’m just a little less convinced by a few cuts, which are moving on the edge of more commercial tunes. “The Saint” is one of the ultimate cuts in the genre and not exactly my favorite track from the opus.

Conclusion: Globally speaking, “Eleven” reveals some great parts, but I’m less convinced by a few songs, which are ‘cheaper’ sounding. It however remains an album that will appeal to the fans of Space Factory Records.

Best songs: “Antrofobia”, “Operating The Fool’s Stone”, “Futura”, “Millenium”, “Necessary”.

Rate: (7).




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