I Murdered – Blood In Blood Out (EP – Reclaim Your City)

By Apr 19,2020

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Genre/Influences: IDM, experimental, industrial.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: “Blood In Blood Out” is the second EP by the Berlin based duo Janice and Luis Flores. This work features two songs and two remixes.

Content: The sonic universe of I Murdered is clearly inspired by elements of industrial- and experimental music. All influences together create an IDM style, which is dark and danceable. The sensual rhythm running through the title song has been mixed with dark, deep sounds. This track has been remixed by Orphx in an even darker way.

The other song left (cf. “Insomnia”) is a bit comparable to “Blood In blood Out”, but it‘s even more industrial-driven. The remix of this song has been done by JK Flesh.

+ + + : I especially like the fusion between dark tones, industrial scratching noises and the sensual cadence running through the title song. Both producers are definitely operating like pure sound alchemists. I can’t say this EP is featuring a real title song and B-side cuts, both tracks being from a similar, qualitative level. Among the remixes I especially recommend the work by Orphx, which brings the listener into the darkest realms of industrial-techno music.

– – – : As I already mentioned, there’s no explicit title song when listening to this EP, but that’s not necessarily a minus point!

Conclusion: I Murdered clearly sounds as an interesting project, which I hope will move on their dark techno-industrial investigation!

Best songs: “Blood In Blood Out – Orphx Remix”, “Blood In Blood Out”, “Insomnia”.

Rate: (7½).




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