The Firm Incorporated – Veritas (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

By Oct 2,2016

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Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electro.

The FirmBackground/Info: Set up at the end of 2014 The Firm Incorporated features Jens Kästel (ex-Funker Vogt singer), Guido Henning and Jan Abraham (both E-Craft members). Last year this new and promising trio released the astonishing EP “Abgebrannt”. Earlier this year they released the official debut full length “Veritas”.

Content: The album totally fulfills the expectations after the terrific “Abgebrannt”-EP. The songs are non-stop driven by amazing electro blasts, aggressive sequences, heavy kicks, carrying choruses lead by the charismatic and harsh vocals of Jens Kästel (singing in German). “Veritas” is somewhere in between dark-electro and EBM and clearly reminds me of Funker Vogt.

This work reveals many potential hits, but “Abgebrannt” remains for sure one of the greatest songs. It’s a real good exposure of the band’s potential, which clearly reflects experienced musicians and a high-tech sound production.

+ + + : The sound formula is not new and rapidly evokes the successful Funker Vogt sound formula. Jens Kästel clearly has found a new challenge and talented musicians to move on with his career. The mixing and global production is absolutely amazing and I mainly refer to the numerous heavy sound blasts running through the songs. Next to the familiar “Abgebrannt” I also noticed other potential hits like “BUTF” and “Geschichten Ohne Wert”.

– – – : The only reproach I might think of is the certain comparison with Funker Vogt, which is quite logic because of Jens Kästel, but more surprising for the sound, which has been composed by E-Craft members. But on the other hand I would say ‘who cares’ because it’s already 3 years ago now since Funker Vogt released anything new.

Conclusion: “Veritas” confirmed the great writing skills of this new formation driven by old electro-heads. This is an astonishing debut album that will set dancefloors on fire.

Best songs: “Abgebrannt”, “BUTF (Brotherhood Unity The Firm”), “Geschichten Ohne Wert”, “Schluss Mit Lustig”, “Boxxxer”.

Rate: (8½).


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