The Birthday Massacre – Diamonds (Album – Metropolis Records)

By Dec 2,2020

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Genre/Influences: Goth-Rock, Goth-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: “Diamonds” is the ninth studio album from Canadian formation The Birthday Massacre. The work has been introduced as ‘an exploration of darkness as well as light, poison as well as its antidote’, which has been exposed in nine songs.

Content: “Diamonds” sounds like a ‘classic’ The Birthday Massacre album. The songs are driven by the fragile and yet passionate, charismatic vocals of Chibi. Sound-wise the songs are empowered by carrying guitar lines and elevating synth arrangements and melodies. There’s a perfect harmony between all different instruments and sound layers, which became the trademark of the band. The songs sound gothic and Rock-like, but also Electronic and Pop inspired. I however noticed one song (cf. “Mirrors”), which sounds more Metal-minded in the guitar playing.

+ + + : The Birthday Massacre doesn’t innovate, but simply moves on doing what they’ve always done with brilliance; creating a true symbiotic play between guitar and synths! The power of the guitar is attenuated by the elevating effects of the melody lines and the beautiful vocals of Chibi. This album is a new exploration between power and reverie magically illustrated by songs such as “Diamonds” and “Crush”. And if you prefer some melancholic moments you’ll be pleased by “The Last Goodbye”.

– – – : The tracklist only features 9 songs, but it’s a succession of great compositions and potential hits… maybe by the exception of the last song (cf. “Parallel World”), which is my only disappointment.

Conclusion: when you’re listening to “Diamonds” you simply understand the successful career of this unique formation!

Best songs: “Crush”, “Diamonds”, “Flashback”, “The Last Goodbye”, “Enter”, “The Sky Will Turn”.

Rate: (8½).


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