Mount Shrine & Alphaxone – Dream Chambers (Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Dec 2,2020

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: The Internet makes everything possible today! “Dream Chambers” resulted from the common efforts between Cesar Alexandre (Brazil) and Mehdi Saleh (Iran). They’re both label mates and have already released a considerable number of productions. Mehdi Saleh is used to working and releasing with other artists. The main idea or theme behind this work is ‘exploring the delicate bridge between reality and dreams’. 

Content: The opening track has something menacing and filled with field recordings. The use of field recordings is the common thread, but quite progressively the work becomes more and more ‘abyssal’. It’s a progressive trip getting you the impression to explore unknown territories of prosperity. Especially the last tracks are becoming less dark although always hiding a few evil noise sources. 

+ + + : Mount Shrine and Alphaxone both transposed their own sound and influences into a more explicit Cinematographic approach, but the main evolution is the prosperity supporting this work. I noticed a kind of dark climax at “Ethereal Origins”, which is the fourth cut from the album, but the next 4 songs are definitely more relaxing. It’s an invitation to dream away, awakening in a prosper and peaceful world. Some darker field recordings like thunder noise are there to remind us that all is vulnerable and reality is always changeable. So I would say this is an album opening with a fascinating darker side and moving towards a serene end.

– – – : I have a preference for the darker beginning of the work so I would not say the other tracks are like an antithesis, but it feels like an album with 2 different sides.  

Conclusion: The main strength of this album is the different approach from both artists resulting in a production, which is somewhat different from what you’re, used to hearing from both protagonists.

Best songs: “Ethereal Origins”, “Beyond The Gates”, “Displacement”, “Dream Chambers”.

Rate: (7). / /


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