T.Raumschmiere – Schaukelstuhl (Album – Shitkatapult)

By Aug 4,2020

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Genre/Influences: IDM, electro-ambient.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Marco Haas is back on track, unleashing six new songs from his T.Raumschmiere sonic brainchild. It’s more a mini-album format, which he released again on his own label Shitkatapult.

Content: “Schaukelstuhl”, which can be translated as ‘rocking chair’ is an album with two main sides. You at one side get some danceable cuts composed with the sophisticated approach of Marco Haas. Somewhat techno-driven, but closer to some IDM formats, these songs stand for the energetic part of the work. At the other side you get more ambient-driven cuts, which are carried by slow rhythmic.

+ + + : I personally prefer the danceable cuts of the work, which are mixing sound intelligence –featuring some industrial-like treatments, and danceable rhythms. “Edith” illustrates the composing skills of this Berliner based musician. I also have to mention “Isidora”, which next to the electro loops reveal exciting acoustic like sound treatments. That’s an aspect that also comes back in the rather ambient-orientated “Georgia”, where you’ll hear a kind of trumpet sound. It injects a cool jazzy touch to the work.

– – – : I’ve been less convince by “Klaus” and “Bela”, which are more into slow driven ambient cuts without a real climax.

Conclusion: T.Raumschmiere doesn’t repeat himself without reinventing his own sound. This artist covers a wide range of influences resulting in a modern and eclectic electro composition.

Best songs: “Edith”, “Isadora”, “Erich”.

Rate: (8).

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