T.Raumschmiere – Heimat (Digital Album – Kompakt)

By May 27,2017

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, minimal-electronics, technoid, ambient.

Background/Info: Marco Haas better known as T.Raumschmiere is a real phenomenon in techno music. He got some recognition for his minimalistic and visionary sound approach. This new opus is also the first one he has released on Kompakt, on which he previously released a few 12”. “Heimat” is available on vinyl- and digital format.

Content: The work is characterized by the traditional minimal approach resulting in experimental treatments such as white noise and multiple sound effects. The tracks cover multiple genres, moving from an experimental-pop approach towards ambient passages. You also will notice a few groovier elements. “Heimat” features a few danceable cuts next to more ambient tracks filled with drama and melancholia.

+ + + : T.Raumschmiere has this little ‘plus’ other artists can only dream of. Haas is literally putting his sonic stamp on all of his work. The minimal sound approach reveals a truly passion for sound creation. “Heimat” is an album with multiple faces avoiding cheap and ‘commercial’ clichés. It remains visionary and without real compromises. Speaking for myself I fully enjoyed the somewhat symphonic arrangements on “Juli” and the minimalism of “Amina”.

– – – : I’m not sure “Heimat” will enter into history as T.Raumschmiere’s most famous and successful album. It’s a complex work, which needs multiple listening before you can really get into it. I’m missing the technoid element of this artist, which is definitely in the background.

Conclusion: “Heimat” is a new sonic experiment and a real voyage for all lovers of intelligent and sophisticated electronic music. It’s not the most successful work of T.Raumschmiere although it remains characterized by the familiar elements this artist has used to experiment with.

Best songs: “Juli”, “Amina”, “Wacker”.

Rate: (7).

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