Cora Novoa – The Hive (EP – Citizen Records)

By Aug 5,2020

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Genre/Influences: Techno, minimal-electro.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Spanish DJ, producer and label owner Cora Novoa is back on track, releasing a new EP and for the very first time on Citizen Records. This project stands for ‘technology, design, art or fashion’!

Content: I think we might speak about a conceptual approach on this EP. There are 2 songs, which next to the original edits have been each re-edited in a “Dub Version” and an “A Cappella”-edit. The title cut sounds pretty technoid for the kick while the electronics are mixing darkness and minimalism. You’ll also notice spoken-like vocals, which sounds like a sampling. The song progressively evolved into frenetic dance. The other track “Hey” sounds more experimental-like, but is also more elaborated. Both cuts have been remixed in a “Dub Version” while the “A Cappella”-edits are pretty weird and totally experimental-like.

+ + + : “The Hive” is a great song for its fusion between different genres. It remains mainly techno, but also into minimalism. And that’s the touch I like in this song. Both “Dub Versions” are absolutely great and I even prefer this version of “Hey” instead of the “Original Mix”. The “Original Mix” of “The Hive” is a truly overwhelming opener!

– – – : Both “A Cappella”-versions are for sure original, but unfortunately still forgettable.

Conclusion: Cora Novoa has found a right label to release her newest stuff. “The Hive” is a great song, which I hope will be the teaser for a new full length.

Best songs: “The Hive – Original Mix”, “The Hive – Dub Version”, “Hey – Dub Version”.

Rate: (7).

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