Sutekh Hexen – Sutekh Hexen (CD Album – Cyclic Law)

By May 10,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, death-industrial.

Background/Info: Self-titled albums often are the first ones released by a band, but this American project based in Oakland (USA) has already released multiple productions since 2011.

Content: The album has been accomplished with the help from several guests. Demian Johnston, Nathaniel Ritter, Jim Haynes, Jim Kaiser (RIP), Mackenzie Chami, Venien, Ryan Jobes, James Martinez, and Patricia Cram contributed to the work. The album takes off with two harsh and aggressive tracks mixing drones with death-industrial exponents. Tortured guitar effects and harsh screams are resonating. But the work also reveals ‘softer’ cuts. The sphere remains hostile and dark, the vocals became somewhat whispering while the guitar play remains an important part of the work. The work progressively moves back to harder sonic fields resulting into a truly kafarnaum.

+ + + : Sutekh Hexen has created a proper sound characterized by overwhelming sound blasts and –treatments. The noisy guitar parts are essential, like injecting a truly sonic cataclysm, which together with boiling noises and the heavy, possessed screams lead the listener into angst. I prefer the somewhat ghost-like whispers and the more ‘traditional’ dark-ambient passages.

– – – : “Sutekh Hexen” is not exactly the most accessible format in the dark music genre. It’s an extreme artistic exposure, which personally doesn’t convince me.

Conclusion: Sutekh Hexen deals with a kind of perverted- and gore sound format; a genre that will appeal for ‘hardcore’ fans in the genre. You gone like it or not!

Best songs: “Torrential”, “SubStratus”.

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