Ô Paradis – Weiter Weg (Album – Wrotycz Records)

By Sep 10,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, folk, cinematographic.

Format: CD.

Background/Info: Ô Paradis is the Catalonian project driven by Demian Recio. An impressive number of productions featuring several collaborations have been released in nearly twenty years time. “Weiter Weg” is the second album released by the Polish label Wrotycz Records and features ten new songs by the band.

Content: The work takes off with a poignant although sad sounding, instrumental intro, which has something cinematographic like. We next get tracks with alternating vocals by female singer Rosa and Demian Recio. There’s another instrumental piece right at the end while the last song is a surprising, but intimate cover version of “Strawberry Fields Forever” originally written by The Beatles. The sphere running through the work is deeply melancholic and that’s mainly due to the kind of Tango influence hanging over some songs. There’s a part of folk music in Ô Paradis, but also very experimental arrangements and sound treatments. The melancholia sometimes moves into reverie while there also is a part of emotion –mainly emerging at “Sonnet, Weimar 1808” with lyrics based upon the work of Schopenhauer.

+ + + : Ô Paradis accomplished a delicate and emotional piece of music. This is a band with a unique style and identity and this work simply confirms this approach; a touch of folk with an explicit experimental writing on top! Emotional- and often cinematic music with extra melancholia on top. I like the songs sung by Rosa and especially the title track is a little sonic jewel. But I also have to mention the instrumental “Zu Hause” with an extra neo-classic element on top while the cover version of The Beatles accentuates the intimate character of the composition.

– – – : The biggest challenge for this band will be to catch the attention of a wider audience or at least, an increase in their popularity. This album really deserves it!

Conclusion: I’m not familiar with the entire and impressive discography of Ô Paradis, but this album is without a shadow of a doubt one I’ll keep in mind!

Best songs: “Weiter Weg”, “Zu Hause”, “Abrigo”, “Sonnet, Weimar 1808”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”.

Rate: (8).


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