Suicide Commando – The Pain That You Like (CD EP – Out Of Line)

By Jul 1,2015

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Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electro.

Suicide CommandoContent: Speaking for myself “The Pain That You Like” is the most surprising and even unexpected release of Suicide Commando ever. The absolute master of dark-electronics strikes back with a title song in the purest EBM vein and features Jean-Luc Demeyer (Front 242) on guest vocals!

I was really wondering how this song would sound like and it feels a bit like an ode to Front 242. Johan Van Roy composed the most atypical Suicide Commando song in history. He moved from his tormented dark-electronics towards a pure EBM-minded song. It’s not that new for Johan Van Roy as he became familiar composing EBM for Lescure 13, but this is something different.

“The Pain That You Like” has a kind of old-school feeling, which reminds me a bit to early 90s productions in the genre, but with this extra dark touch characterizing the work of Suicide Commando.

Jean-Luc Demeyer sings a real passionate way and feels a bit like possessed by evil forces. The song is a real smasher and I can already announce it will be the next big hit of Suicide Commando. This is the result when 2 masters join hands.

The title song has been first remixed by Johan Van Roy in person. The “Pleasure & Pain Remix” is another cold-body version, which will push you to dance. A few other remixes were accomplished by Pride & Fall, C-Lekktor and Decoded Feedback. Great names and excellent remixes although I have a little preference for the remix by Pride & Fall.

The B-side track sounds pretty EBM as well although achieved with more familiar ingredients. It’s a cold track carried by the typical dark and haunting sound treatments of Johan Van Roy. “Crack Up” is not the ultimate Suicide Commando-hit, but it’s a smasher. The song has been remixed a divine way by Fragile Child. This is a promising band empowering the original version of “Crack Up” into an elaborated and punchy version with an irresistible ambient touch. This remix is outstanding!

Conclusion: “The Pain That You Like” is a kind of sonic intercourse between 2 giants of the Belgian electronic scene, but still a surprising experience of Suicide Commando in the land of EBM.

Best songs: “The Pain That You Like”, “The Pain That You Like – Pleasure & Pain Remix”, “Crack Up – Comatosedit by Fragile Child”.

Rate: (DP:9)DP.

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