Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – Disconnected (Album – Alfa Matrix)

By Apr 22,2020

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Genre/Influences: Techno-pop, trance-pop, industrial-dance.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Studio-X captain of the crew Lawrie Bayldon joined back together with Simon Carter. It’s the third album between the Australian composer and English DJ Simon carter while Bridgette Collins who sung on the last album (cf. “Wrong”) did the female (backing) vocals. “Disconnected” also is the project’s sixth album since “Neo-Futurism” (2011). 

Content: If you know Studio-X, you won’t be surprised discovering a new hard-banging techno-driven work. The techno inspiration is constantly present, but always mixed with other influences. It sometimes creates a harmonious contrast and even makes me think, ‘Snog goes techno’! The songs are characterized by heavy, stumping dance kicks and overwhelming sound manipulations.

+ + + : Studio-X remains the most explicit techno- and dancefloor driven project from the Alfa Matrix roster. But it’s not easy, cheap techno music or music featuring commercial dance tunes, but a perverted techno approach, which can be sometimes refined with pop elements and next driven by d’n’b patterns. In the end it has something raw and industrial-like. It sometimes feels like Lawrie Bayldon is going mad behind his machines, turning the knobs and filtering sound sequences like a possessed. Just pay attention to songs such as “Ghosts” and “The Only One (Deranged Moron)”. But I also have to mention “Take flight – 2020 version”, which sounds different; a bit mysterious and featuring guitar samplings. Last, but not least I also have to say a word about the particular vocals’ production, which is totally fitting with this kind of sound experiment.

– – – : I’m always making the same comment about the work of Studio-X; it remains a heavy technoid production, which I can imagine will only catch the attention of a restricted number of underground music lovers more familiar with EBM, industrial, dark-electro and related styles.

Conclusion: “Disconnected” is techno music for tough guys!

Best songs: “Ghosts”, “The Only One (Deranged Moron)”, “I’m Alive – 2020 Version”, “Take Flight – 2020 Version”, “Nightlife”.

Rate: (8).

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