State Of The Union – Indupop (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

By Feb 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: State Of The Union strikes back with its 5th official album. Driven by the creative strength of Johann Sebastian the American electro-project doesn’t exactly release new album at regular basis. “Indupop” is the first album since “My Time Away” (2014). “Indupop” was preceded by the “Mindless”-EP.

Content: “Indupop” sounds in the vein of what we’ve been used to hearing from State Of The Union. It’s a delicate electro-pop creation, which sounds sweet and melodic. The vocals are perfectly matching with the sound. Things are starting to get more interesting in the second half of the work. Next to the already familiar “Mindless”-song, the songs seem to be more catchy. The work features 10 songs plus a “Bonus Remix” from “Beacon”.

+ + + : If you like the sweet and melodic electro-pop exposure of this band “Indupop” will bring you exactly what you might expect. It’s a well-crafted opus featuring several noticeable cuts. I like the delicacy of the arrangements with a special mention for  “Beacon”. But the song that caught my attention also is the most atypical one from the work. I refer to “Womb”, which reveals some duality between refined arrangements and bombastic passages. This is a more industrial-approach of electro-pop. 

– – – : I can’t say that I was taken by surprise. State Of the Union holds on its influences and global approach in sound. The point is that the initial magic has been a bit lost throughout the years and that the first half of this work left me a bit indifferent. I’m missing a bit more power and especially conviction.

Conclusion: If you always have liked State Of The Union and you don’t care for innovative elements in their sound you for sure are going to like this album although I would be surprised to hear you say “Indupop” is the best one from their career.

Best songs: “Womb”, “Mindless”, “Beacon”, “Beacon – Bonus Remix”.

Rate: (6½).


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