Ruined Conflict – Valediction (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

By Feb 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: Future-pop, body-pop.

Background/Info: “Valediction” is the fourth official full length album for Xavier Morales and his Ruined Conflict project. Set up in 2011, the American project became a recognized name active in the wider fields of future/electro-pop music. 

Content: After the astonishing “Sequencer”-EP I was wondering about the content of this opus. The song “Sequencer” remains the absolute highlight while the other cuts bring us back to Ruined Conflict’s signature sound. This music moves on there where previous albums stopped. It remains a post-future-pop style, which once again might remind you of VNV Nation –but that’s rather a reference, mixing more danceable- and softer, melancholic cuts. The vocals are exactly in the same line; now a bit more passionate and enraged and then more sensitive and emotional.

+ + + : The EP was a surprising exposure of the artist’s ‘darker’ side, but “Valediction” brings us back to the familiar sound of Ruined Conflict. It’s a well-crafted composition, mixing danceable pieces together with sensitive tracks. I prefer the danceable tracks although I noticed a few cool ‘emotional’ cuts.

– – – : The comparison with VNV Nation –especially for the timbre of voice, comes back again. Some will say it’s genius while other will say they are hearing a copyist. I think Ruined Conflict has enough talent to create a more personal sound and that’s something he has proven with the “Sequencer”-EP.

Conclusion: Ruined Conflict remains faithful to his successful sound formula so “Valediction” will ravish all electro- and future-pop lovers. 

Best songs: “Sequencer”, “Colony”, “Fellow Craft”, “Cast In Stone”, “Amaranthine”.

Rate: (8).

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