Sonologyst – Ancient Death Cults And Beliefs (Album – Cold Spring)

By Jul 1,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, dark-ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Italian label owner (Unexplained Sounds Group, Eight Tower Records) Raffaele Pezzella is back on track as ‘Sonologyst’. He already collaborated with Cold Spring and both parties renewed the experience for this new work. The concept of the album is clearly indicated in the title. Pezzella explores different ways and rituals old civilizations used to commemorate the dead.

Content: Sonologyst remains driven and inspired by experimental- and abstract sound treatments, but this album also has something more accessible. The artist reveals a more explicit dark-ambient and ritual input. He creates an astounding atmosphere accentuated by drones and glaring sound treatments. You sometimes get the sensation being purchased by giant scissors so in the end this work still has something paranoiac, which in a way became a kind of Sonologyst trademark.

+ + + : I get the impression Sonologyst has enlarged its proper sonic horizon. The tracks remain pretty experimental, but there also is a more explicit dark-ambient side featured. That’s probably the reason why this album also is the one with the strongest visual appeal, which mainly comes through at “Purgatorium” and “Primeval Science”. I also like some elements, which sound like connected with other cultures and continents. It creates this ritual and somewhat tribal aspect. I also like this composition for its global elaboration. You can feel the artist has put a lot of efforts in sound research and –creation.

– – – : The more abstract/experimental passages of the album aren’t my favorite ones. They sometimes sound a bit improvised, losing the effect you might experience at the other tracks.

Conclusion: The concept behind the title of this work has inspired Sonologyst to release a meaningful work, which might be considered as a truly reference in the artist’s work.

Best songs: “Purgatorium”, “Primeval Science”, “Anubis, House Of Dead Prince”.

Rate: (8).


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