Silver Walks – Songs Of Love And Hate (CD EP – Distortion Productions)

By Oct 17,2019

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Genre/Influences: Future-pop, body-pop. 

Background/Info: Silver Walks is an American solo-project driven by Daniel McCullough. I found out that a single (cf. “Tidal”) got released in 2017 while this EP is preceding the debut album planned for the end of the year. 

Content: It’s not that easy to define the precise ‘style’ of this project. I clearly noticed some future-pop elements, but also more minimalistic parts and punching electro-pop. The EP features 5 songs plus 2 remixes by Solve and Alizza (from Vore Aurora). 

+ + + : One of the main strengths of this EP clearly appears to be the strings injecting a melodic touch to the work. I like the opening cut “Rearview (Adrienne’s Mirror)” for its future-pop approach, but still the more minimalistic “Black Doves” is worthy of examination. If you want to label Silver Walks as ‘pop’-like it for sure has something atypical and that’s precisely what I like in the icy sound treatments emerging at “Timebomb”. The remix of “Black Doves” by Solve is a dark and interesting cut. 

– – – : One of the few, but essential aspects that hurt at a few songs (and especially at “Our Season On Fire”) is the production of the vocals. 

Conclusion : Silver Walks appears to be a formation with an interesting approach and good ideas, which I hope will serve as basis for the debut full length (which must be probably achieved in the meantime). 

Best songs: “Black Doves”, “Rearview (Adrienne’s Mirror)”, “Black Doves – Solve Remix”. 

Rate: (6). /


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