NWvic – Endless Meaningless Unhelpful And Uncalled For Drivel (CD Album – Bugs Crawling Out Of People)

By Oct 16,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, experimental, abstract. 

Background/Info: NWvic resulted from the collaborative efforts between  Nerve War (Brandon Duncan) and It-clings (Squid; who’s also the label owner of Bugs Crawling Out Of People). 

Content: If you know the particular and rather unique style of It-clings, dealing with a kind of spoken-like industrial/abstract music format, you quickly will recognize a similar approach in this work. The spoken-like/narrative approach is something special, which has been merged with the industrial sound created by Nerve War. It creates a kind of sonic puzzle and even makes me think to an imaginary sonic cartoon. 

+ + + : Just as for It-clings, I experience this project as a huge challenge. But that makes the originality of the project, which you gone like or not. I think there’s no way in between. It all feels like a project without compromises, somewhat anarchistic, a bit weird, clearly engaged and critical against the world and society we’re living in. 

– – – : The experimental and unique format create an album, which is ‘difficult’ and not easy to listen to. 

Conclusion: This project is a challenge, which I’m afraid will only appeal to a very restricted number of people. But one thing is for sure –and that’s probably the main strength of this work, it’s easy to recognize!

Best songs: “No”, “Other People”. 

Rate: (6). / 



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